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Community Marketplace & Monetization Platform

Community Leaders - Business Owners - Entrepreneurs - Associations - Nonprofits

✓ Instantly launch your custom-branded revenue-generating digital community

✓ TAGFI's powerful algorithms and logics convert your network into paying members

✓ Generate multiple revenue streams including membership, marketplace, and sponsorship

✓ Own your community. Your website, your members, your revenue

Give your subscribers built-in Perks & Benefits 

We are the only software company in the world that helps you seamlessly grow your revenue. Create multiple plans that enable your subscribers to unlock your content, networking opportunities, promotional marketplace listings, and advertising. In addition, when your members subscribe to your group, they also unlock built-in TAGFI partner discounts!

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Provide your members with more than just content!

Entrepreneurs, business owners, community leaders, and creators build community, and provide your members with events, networking, promotional opportunities, and built-in partner perks! TagFi’s powerful group software is an all-in-one solution that combines the much-loved engagement features with multiple monetization features! With TAGFI, you're in the driver's seat! 

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Activate a Marketplace

Your group software comes with a built-in marketplace. You set the price and your partner businesses or brands can sign up instantly to get listed in the searchable group business directory. and in the TAGFI platform directory!  The marketplace is also a great way to get those social media group spammers to upgrade and promote their business inside a marketplace 

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Powerful Events 

Create events, process payments, and share instantly. Manage your guest list and event reminders with the click of a button.  You can even create subscriber perks by setting your events to member-only events or discounted events for members only!

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Keep your finger on pulse with Reports

Your advanced analytics dashboard tells you exactly what’s happening in your community, at a glance. Track membership growth, engagement, subscription and advertising revenue, donations, and more. With TagFi’s powerful analytics tools, you can understand your community better than ever.

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Automate everything!

TAGFI automates your member welcome emails, renewal reminders, event confirmations, group chats, payment invoices, and receipts. Sit back and relax - your automations have you covered.

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We Grow With You

Activate a group to start and grow to launch your own interactive stand-alone platform with a branded iOS and Android app! With TagFi, you can activate the perfect solution for your growing community.

Empower Your Members & Generate Multiple Streams of Revenue 

Take your business to a whole new level with TAGFI

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