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Earn By Doing What You Do

You already have a Meetup Group, now generate  revenue from it 


Earn Multiple Streams of Revenue 

Activate your TAGFI group and earn Revenue through any and/or all of these ways:

  • Memberships: Followers pay you to access your content, events, and networking opportunities 

  • Advertising: Businesses pay you to get featured in your Group Marketplace 

  • Sponsorship: Partner brands pay you to get featured through banner ads & featured posts

Interested in our "Sponsor a Community" multi-media co-branded program?

We've helped 100's of leaders generate new sponsorship revenue. Reach 1000 members and TAGFI will secure a sponsor for your group!  ​


Activate your free trial today.

Making money from your Meetup Group is easy.

Sign up with TAGFI and start earning multiple streams of revenue now! 

Growing List of Partner Brands

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You already have members who are engaged in your Meetup group

But did you know that you are sitting on a gold mine and you could be generating multiple revenue streams from sponsorships, advertisements, and membership?

TAGFI's got community engagement and monetization tools

👤 Sell Membership💲Sell Ads & Sponsorship📅 Sell Event Tickets 📅 Sell Courses  💳 Process Payments📺 Store Resources & Videos  🗳️ Create Polls   📤 Automate Invitations😀  Add Moderators  📊 Reports & Analytics 🖥️ Desktop access 🖥️ Connect to your website 📱 Mobile TAGFI App 🔊 Interactive Feed 💬 Messaging & Chat 🎧 Audio chat & live stream  📧 Email Automation 🔔 Push Notifications

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Invite, Automate, and 

Grow Fast 

Use our invite features to send automatic emails or use the sharing links to invite!  Pin the URL link to the top of your FB group. Members can easily join your group

Earn Membership,  Marketplace, & Ads Revenue

Activate multiple membership tiers so your members can pay to access your exclusive events and networking opportunities content, and brands pay you to get listed in your group 

Engage & Empower your Members

Provide membership value with content, networking & event access, posts, polls, events, live stream, resource & video library, and built-in TAGFI partner discounts!   

Powerful community & monetization features


As a Meetup group leader, you have a captive audience,  but Meetup's software does not have monetization capabilities.  TAGFI provides you with the tools to engage, empower and keep earning!

Earning Potential Based on Size of your Audience

Join 100s of LinkedIn Group Leaders EARNING with TAGFI

Join 100s of Facebook & Meetup Group leaders Earning with TAGFI 

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Eric Bassett

Founder of EB30X Fitness

EB30X had two gyms and a Facebook following when Eric deployed a TagFi Powered Web & App. Now EB30X has a thriving community with thousands of members.

Global fitness community with thousands of members who join online and in-person workouts, fitness challenges, and other in-person and digital wellness events.

Recent Success Stories


Eric Basset

Eric Basset of EB30X Fitness Group had 20,000 members in his Facebook group. He invited those members to his new EB30X platform (powered by TAGFI!) and he now has over 1400 paying members at the $10/mo subscription tier. Do the math!!!


Charles Debow

"TAGFI's software is powerful. We deployed the web and mobile app for our Black business community and have been able to attract thousands of new members, and dozens of new sponsors. We've generated $30K of sponsorship revenue this year."

- Charles Debow, Vice President of The National Black Chamber of Commerce

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Andrew Hanes
Andrew has a thriving TAGFI group: Grants for Black Businesses. Andrew has multiple plans ranging from $5/mo - $49/mo. His basic level plan enables his members to access content and events while his Marketplace membership unlocks promotional benefits for his business partners and brands. He also generates consistent ad revenue. His membership and sponsorship revenue is over 160K per year.

Become Our Next Success Story

Frequently Asked Questions

Earn by Doing What You Do 

Earn multiple streams of recurring revenue with your TAGFI group

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